5 Tips to Get a Great Mortgage

Your Creditors: Shop Around for Lenders and Compare Their Rates and Offers

Are you now considering to buy your own home? Do you believe it is time for you to obtain a residential property which you can finally call your own? Do you think you are prepared for the long-term commitment of repaying a home loan? Perhaps you already have a home…

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Interest rates on the rise?

An emerging topic in today’s market is mortgage rates and their impeding rise. Undoubtedly, the Fed’s will hike short term rates this year. The million dollar question is— how many times? There are a litany of data points that go into the Fed’s decision and rate movements. For instance, the…

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Election & Mortgage Rate Fever!

We laughed during the Scottish Referendum, we cried during the Brexit vote and now, just when you thought it was safe to walk past your local polling station without a second glance, that little booth where you put your crosses is back – and this time it’s personal. Yes, Theresa…

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